Supply Chain Planning

  • Demand Planning
  • Sales & Operations Planning
  • Supply Planning
  • Network Design & Long Term Capacity Planning
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Planning Optimisation

  • Using Standard Solvers (LP, MIP, NLP)
  • ML based (coming soon)
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  • What-if Analysis
  • Next Best Action(s)
  • Visualisation for Business
  • Management Dashboards
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Visilogix Problem Statement

For Supply Chain Planners, the constant challenge is to update the Plan in the ERP System due to frequent changes and “rush orders”.

They need to take “appropriate and timely action” due to frequent change and challenges in inter-departmental coordination that may lead to OTIF (On Time In Full) non-compliances. Using Excel spreadsheets and Heuristic "rule-of-thumb" approach is sub-optimal.

If there is a better way to frequently update plans and provide actionable insights to these users, first time right action could be taken, leading to high Customer Satisfaction scores as well as optimal cost.

This is the core problem we are addressing to ensure best action given data based recommendation.


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